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Hi And Welcome To The WAEC GCE Runs 2016 Assistance Portal, Here We Will Give You Overviews Of The Service We Provide As Well As Stating Clearly All Relevant Information About WAEC GCE 2016.

WARNING: What you are about reading is not a scam or what so ever trick you might think, also this post is only for WAEC GCE Candidates that will love to write once and pass without resitting for next year.

 What Kind Of Assistance Do We Offer In WAEC GCE? Nice Question: A lot of people call it Runs/Runz or Expo, but we call it Assistance; We assist you by sending correct and verified WAEC GCE Runs answers to you via any convenient medium chosen by you. This will hit you nothing less than A, B or Cs WAEC GCE Score or Grades. Are you interested?

If Yes, then read on as we will explain more. 

WARNING:- Please read this page slowly because everything you need to know is explained in simple language. 

Let Me Show You How To Score A,B & Cs Using Our WAEC GCE Runs 2017 Scoring high in WAEC GCE is not that hard as you might think. It takes hardwork and consistency to meet your desired mark. But trust me, no matter how proficient you are, you can’t cover all WAEC GCE syllabus in one head, never. E.G If you are given 50 WAEC GCE questions to answer but unfortunately you are able to penetrate only 15 Questions correctly, what will you do with the remaining 35? Leave it for Me? LOL! This is why we create this portal to help you extricate and defeat WAEC GCE completely.

We will send you complete, correct and verify WAEC GCE answers 1hour before your exam begins, this will definitely hit you nothing less than A,B & Cs guaranteed score depending on how you use the answers.

 NOTICE: We are never out for scam, we provide quality and professional services that will bring the fruition you paid for. OUR WAEC GCE RUNS 2016 IS #5000. AND WILL INCREASE TO #6000 VERY SOON.. WAEC GCE Runs 2017

IMPORTANT: This is the best price offered for this assistance service, any site trying to collect lower price from you are highly risky, don’t fall a victim.

NOTE: We don’t joke with your hard earned money, we give you exactly what you pay for. Other Sites are risky.

 WAEC GCE RUNS 2017 SPECIAL ASSISTANCE We Will Deliver To You 100% Real and Confirmed WAEC GCE Answers 1 hour before your Exam Begins.

We are very sincere about this delivery time. You might see other telling you that they will send you answers A Week Or 7-2 Days Before Your Exam. Are you kidding me? Pls We urge you to be very vigilant and ignore all this scammers. Just trust us for our service and you will thank the surenaija Team later. This Is Bank Payment Only.

Good Luck And Stay Tuned With Us

 NOTE: Answers Come To Your Phone In The NIGHT [MID-NIGHT BEFORE EXAM] No Doubt About It.


 Agric Science


 Agric Physics Chemistry Biology

 BANK SUBSCRIPTION PRICE LIST ------------------------------
 (1) ALL SUBJECTS (All Department) + practicals: N10,000 ------------------------------
 (2)8/9 Subjects +Practicals: N4,500 ------------------------------
 (3) 8/9 Subjects(no practicals): N3,500 ------------------------------
 (4) 6 Subjects+ Practicals or no practical: N3,000 ------------------------------
 (5) 5 Subjects+Practicals N2,500 ------------------------------
 (6)Payment for link all subjects +practical: N3,000 ------------------------------
(7)Payment for Whatsapp Group All subjects +practical: N3,000 ------------------------------
 (9)VVIP (vip's Get answers/Questions via Mail!!) Amount: N10,000 ------------------------------

 RECHARGE CARD PAYMENT (MTN AND AIRTEL CARD ONLY) SUBSCRIPTION PRICE LIST Choose from our Subscription Price List below, then Send/Transfer the exact Amount Of Airtime To 09030296855. ------------------------------
 (1) ALL SUBJECTS (All Department) + practicals: N11,000 ------------------------------
 (2)8/9 Subjects +Practicals: N6,000 ------------------------------
 (3) 8/9 Subjects(no practicals): N5,500 ------------------------------
 (4) 6 Subjects+ Practicals or no practical: N4,500 (5) 5 Subjects+Practicals N4,000 ------------------------------
 (6)Payment for link all subjects +practical: N5,000 ------------------------------
(7)Payment for Whatsapp Group All subjects +practical: N5,000 ------------------------------
(8)VVIP (vip's Get answers/Questions via Mail!!) Amount: N11,000 ------------------------------


 AFTER PAYMENT: Send the following to 09030296855 (i) Depositor's name (ii) Amount Paid (iii) Subjects (iv) Phone number (Please MTN is PREFERABLE) To +2349030296855 Ensure: you Subscribe with us. Avoid people or Websites promising you Cheap (answers) they would only give you fake or Late (answers)..Enjoy


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